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What Fish Are Biting & Best Lures For Success!

Welcome to Tarpon Fishing Outfitters! In today’s video Captain Michael Dawson will discuss this weekends weather forecast, what are some of the best spots to hit this weekend, and which lures will bring you the most success. For more information on the featured lures scroll down.
Big Bob’s Jigs, $1.99
These lures are durable, cast like a bullet, catch a variety of fish and are inexpensive.  They are available in a variety of versions, colors and weights. Like most artificial lures, there are days when one color outperforms the others. Luckily, here at Tarpon Fishing Outfitters we have a large inventory of Big Bob’s jigs in multiple colors and weights. As shown by Captain Michael Dawson we have both the 3/8 & 1/2 oz. jigs in the following colors.
Solid Colors: yellow, red, pink, bright green, orange, white, and gold.
Mixed: yellow/white, pink/white, red/white, orange/white, and green/white.
Rapala Xtreme Action Slashbait (12cm), $13.99
The X-Rap® is “all about the action.” The versatility of the X-Rap allows an angler to impart a number of fish-catching actions in a single retrieve. Casts like a bullet for long accurate casts. Prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage capture and flash light like a beacon. It can be fished both in an aggressive “Slashbait®” technique or with a classic Rapala® wobble. The angler defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. Loaded with features from tip to tail, textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, internal long cast system (XR04 excluded), 3D holographic eyes, flash foil teaser tails, Slashbait® action, Rapala “wobble” action, suspends on pause. All topped off with premium VMC® black nickel hooks, each hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure top performing action from the start. Tarpon Fishing Outfitters has the above featured colors in stock for the XR12’s.
Halco Laser Pro 190 DD, $14.99
The Laser Pro 190 is widely recognised as one of the worlds best bluewater trolling lures. It can be trolled over a wide speed band, however its optimum speed for trolling for pelagics is around 6.5 knots. Holiday, Florida isn’t known for catching bluewater species but we have found success with these lures with groupers. These 190 DD Halco lures dive 8ft+ and can be a great tool to use when trolling for grouper in shallow water. Tarpon Fishing Outfitters has the above featured colors in stock for the 190 DD.
Rapala Magnum (floating), Prices Vary $17.99-19.49
The Rapala Floating Magnum is the ideal choice for catching practically any saltwater species and a variety of freshwater species. Composed of durable and robust African Abachi wood, these shallow-running lures implement a tapered lip design that produces the renowned Rapala “wounded-minnow” performance at any speed of retrieval. The Rapala Floating Magnum is built for deadly precision and premium performance with the use of the Perma Steel hooks and rugged rust-resistant hardware. Tarpon Fishing Outfitters has the above featured colors currently in stock.

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