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Shark WEEK! Fishing Reports

By Captain Michael Dawson/Hope Jackson
           It is the First week of August and all the nature channels are continuously playing shark documentaries one after another. This means it’s the time of year all the sharks will feed because they want to be featured on the discovery channel!
            Sharks are in every pass, on every reef, on every grass flat, roaming near every point of every island. I guardsmen there was a shark within 50 feet of you when you were scalloping last weekend! This time of year the sharks are breeding, hungry and a guarantee on a tough fishing day.
            To target these sharks you want to use a larger reel with high line capacities as well as decent drag system. If you are targeting the sharks from a boat, a short rod is preferred (6-7 foot). If you are targeting these sharks from land a longer rod is more beneficial. (Ask Captain Mike about the custom 10ft Shark rods!)
          When fishing of the beach use a kayak to take your bait out past the surf. If you are fishing from a boat or a piece of structure use a balloon to take the bait away from the boat. Great baits include Ray, Mullet, Jacks, and Bonito. Rig these baits on a 12/0 or larger circle hook, rigged on 3 feet of #15 hard wire attached to 20 feet of 300lb mono.
           Be sure you know your shark species. Some have a size regulation if you want to keep them, some are endangered, and some are illegal to even remove from the water.
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