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OHERO Fluorocarbon Crystal leader

Now available at Tarpon Fishing Oufitters Ohero’s NEW Fluorocarbon Crystal Leader

25 Yards                                                50Yards                           100Yards                                  200Yards

10lbs -$5.95                                       10lbs-$7.95                          10lbs-$15.50                          10lbs- $30.95

15lbs -$5.95                                      15lbs-$7.95                            15lbs-$5.50                             15lbs-$30.95

20lbs-$6.15                                       20lbs-$9.15                            20lbs-$18.95                         20lbs-$33.95

25lbs-$6.35                                       25lbs-$10.95                          25lbs-$21.95                          25lbs-$41.95

30lbs-$8.95                                      30lbs-$13.95                           30lb-$27.95                           30lbs-$50.95

40lbs-$10.95                                    40lbs-$17.95                            40lbs-$35.95                         40lbs-$67.95

50lbs-$3.95                                     50lbs-$21.95                            50lbs-$42.95                           50lbs-$84.95

60lbs-$6.95                                     60lbs-$27.95                            60lbs-$55.95                           60lbs-$110.95

80lbs-$26.95                                   80lbs-$38.95                           80lbs-$76.95                           80lbs-$123.95


  • Extremely strong and abrasion resistant
  • Invisible underwater to fish
  • Will not absorb water
  • More flexible for longer casting distance
  • Packed in 25 yds, 50 yds, 100 yds, 200 yds for your convenience.
  • Most economic leader at market