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How To Take A Child Fishing

Welcome to Tarpon Fishing Outfitters! In today’s video Captain David Rieumont will be discussing the proper equipment needed to take a younger child fishing. In this video he will review the tackle, rods and reels, as well as why fishing creates a common bond with you and your child.
Berkley Gulp Shrimp, $5.99 | Baitmasters Squid Bits, $4.49 |
Split Shot Sinkers Sz. 4, $1.75 | Mustad Sz. 10 Gold Hooks, $1.89 | Red & White Bobber, $0.39-0.45

Berkley Gulp Shrimp: The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation in soft bait!
Baitmasters Squid Bits: Our Squid Bits are produced from the “Red Devil” squid. BAITMASTERS Squid Bits are conveniently sized pieces of the wings of the giant squid Dosidicus gigas. An easy to use, very clean product – great for a fishing trip with children.
Split Shot Sinkers Sz. 4: It maintains a groove for holding line and is a circular shape, making it more snag resistant. Split shots are often used with live-bait offerings, but can also be vital to sinking lighter baits in deeper and fast moving currents.
Mustad Sz. 10 Gold Hooks: The Mustad classic beak features 2 slices in special long shank and an upturned eye. This hook is made with durable material and fine, quality craftsmanship, from the strong shank to the razor sharp hook.
Red & White Bobber: The Snap-On Floats suspend your bait and show the first sign of a catch thanks to the red and white design. Features: – Easy to see from distance – Designed to snap on line – Change position/depth quickly.

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